Valley of Flowers


Valley of Flowers

Every trekker has a dream to trek and conquer strikingly beautiful remote landscapes, to discover places so adorning that the inner voice whispers, “It is all worth it!” After trekking to so many places, it is the time for you to get ready for a legendary trail. A trail like no other, a trail to the mystic Valley of Flowers!

About the Valley of Flowers

In the upper expanses of Bhyundar of Garhwal region, snuggles a valley inside the blanket of flowers. This Valley of flowers is a nature’s bouquet and seems like fairyland in our kind of violent world. The 5km long Valley is a national park and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Legend has it that a flower called Brahma-Kamal blossoms here every 12 years. When the valley is in its full bloom, one gets to see plush meadows blossomed with a diverse fauna. The valley is an abode of the most beautiful Himalayan flowers like the blue Primula, Alpine flowers, Snake Foil, Himalayan Rose, Blue Poppy, Dog Flower and many more. It shelters rare as well as endangered animals and birds, including the Asiatic black bear, snow leopard, musk deer, red fox, blue sheep and Himalayan monal pheasant. Undoubtedly, Valley of Flowers is a nature’s wonder! But as they say good things are not that easy to get, you need to be an advanced trekker to feast your eyes on this valley. Many of the trekkers have fallen unconscious here due to the strong scent of flowers.

Best time to reach

The best time to see the valley is in its full bloom. For this purpose, the months of July and August are crucial.

About the trek

First, there is a 7km trail from Govindghat to Bhyundar village. En route you will find many exquisite destinations. Also, there are small food points all along the route, here you can stop for a short break. Afterwards, there is another 2 km trail upto the base camp of trek i.e. Ghangaria. Few metres ahead of Ghangaria, the trek route to the valley takes towards left. Ultimately, a steep trail of about 5 km, will take you to the Valley of Flowers.

Package Duration: 2 Hours