Kafni Glacier Trek


About Kalindi Khal

Perched at an elevation of 6000 metres, Kalindi Khal is a mind blogging trekking destination. This jewel of Garhwal region, is a paragon of beauty and serenity. Its fascinating trail thrills the soul without any fail. Kalindi Khal is graded as a difficult trek and is meant for advance trekkers. So if you are one such skilled and passionate trekker, conquering this high altitude glacial trek should be your next mission!

About the trek

In 1945, this pass was first crossed by an Indian team led under the leadership of Swami Probodhanandawas. This trek is 90 kilometres at length and can take a week or more to be finished. Trekkers pass through a thick blanket of snow. This extraordinary trek features glittering diamond like glaciers, grandiosity prone mountains and some never seen meadows and valleys. The trail enroutes Chaturangi, Gaumukh and Shweta glaciers. Gangotri is the starting point of the trek. The first challenge awaits at Gomukh, an enormous glacier which seems engulfing the mountains far below its surface. However, this stunner is perilous for trekkers. With absolute concentration, it is to be crossed. South of this glacier lie a few meadows named Vasuki Parvat. From Gomukh, you will be ascended to Nandavan grasslands. Afterwards, the trail is led through Kalindi Pass to Kalindi base camp. The final destination of the thrilling trek ends at the last village of India which is called Mana. The small village of Mana is close to Badrinath Dham and beyond it lies the Indo- China border.

Best Time to Visit

Summer and monsoon months are the most suitable ones for trekking. During summers, the clear skies and pleasant weather make trek buffs easily acclimatize to the trail. On the other hand in monsoon the valleys and pastures are rain-washed, adding a new charm to them.

Package Duration: 2 Hours