Dodital Lake Trek


Dodital Lake

In the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand, is located a pristine lake named Dodital. The Dodital Lake is an awe inspiring destination for every ardent trekker. Lake is surrounded by deodar forests and a tranquil ambience. It is at an elevation of more than 3000m from where the sparkling emerald hills are clearly visible. A trek to this unspoilt location will leave you in awe. Near the lake there is a temple devoted to Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is believed to have born here. Legend has it that goddess Parvati (mother of Ganesha) took turmeric and clay of Dodital and moulded Ganesha out of it. Dodital is thus also known as 'Dhundital' (Lake of Ganesha). Dodital is the source of Assi Ganga which later on joins Bhagirathi. It is also one of the few lakes where the rare Himalayan trouts are found. Also, the Dwarka pass is near to Dodital Lake. A further trek to Dwarka Pass is much more rewarding as it offers a picturesque view of Bandarpoonch massif. There are other subsidiary treks namely- Yamuna valley, Bamsaru Tal, Gidara and Dayara Bugyals.

About the trek:

Dodital trek is an easy to moderate trek with a distance good enough to trek. The starting point of expedition is at Sangamchatti. You can reach here via Uttarkashi. The distance in between is about 19 km. From Sangamchatti, there is a 24 km long trail to Dodital. The trail takes you through mossed old trees, alpine forests and undulating meadows. Dodital is also a camping and birdwatching site. Forest rest houses can also be rented for accommodation. Besides this there are overnight halt options available at Agora village (en route to Dodital).

Best time to visit

The Dodital Trek can be undertaken throughout the year. Summers are stated to be the ideal duration by majority of trekkers. During the winter season much of the trail has to be done over the thick bed of snow. Make sure snow is hard enough to be trekked.

Package Duration: 2 Hours